HH-WD03 Argon protection Sparkle Welder 电焊机



Argonprotection Sparkle Welder


Electronic Sparkle Welder, includingMachine 1PC, Foot Pedal 1PC, Cable 1PC, Forceps Clamp 1PC, Tungsten Needle 1PC

Voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ,

Ampere: 0.4A,

Power: 400W,

Ampere for welding:0.5~50A, Continuousadiustable (Fluctuation).

Sparkle Welder can be used to weld:

-alloys of precious metal existing of gold,silver, platinum and palladium, titan and high-grade steel

-with restriction aluminum, tin and most ofthe brass alloys

-alloys with different attributes

Steel design and very low maintenance costs

Sparkle welder which use for jeweler

-Welding all kinds of metal

-Precisely positioning with innovativemethod

-Welding necklaces of diameter 0.3mm orlonger

-Restore break without remove pearl orjewel

-Restore heat sensitive metal

-Restore aperture of molding with the sameattribute alloy