HH-W07 Digital vacuum wax injector with AAC autoclamp 数显注蜡机AAC机械手



Digitalvacuum wax injector with AAC autoclamp


Highautomation. Easy to operate.

Givesfine details and unique quality and weight to each mold.


Singlephase Power:450VA(Max),

pessurerange:4-7kg ,

Temperaturedisplay range:40-99.9°C,

Temperatureadjust range:40-99.9°C

Vacuumtime set range :0~9.99sec/0~99.9 sec ,

Waxinjecting time set range : 0~99.9 sec ,

Settingtime range for warming the machine:0-99hours,

Waxcapacity:3 KG,

Temperatureprecision:+/-0.2 °C,

AAC AutoClamp Device


Powersupply:AC 230V,50/60HZ,Single Phase Power:50VA

Compressedair range:0.25-0.30MPAP Pessure displayed range:0-240KPA

Settingrange: 1) One time inject (PRESS1):10-220KPA;

2)Two times inject (PRESS2):10-220KPA;

3)Two times inject and add pressure time for begining(TIME):0-3 seconds;

4)Clamp pressureCLAMP):30-235KPA;


6)Holdingtime(HOLD):0-300 seconds;

Programnumbers setting range:setting item 0-9 Times of injecting range:9999 times

Features:Putthe rubber mold to the auto-clamp, input the program number, and press thestart button, and then clamp the mold,, go forward, automatic target waxinjection at the mouth, vacuum, injection wax casting, clamp open etc, all autofinished. Can be any combination of PRESS1,PRESS2,TIME,CLAMP,HOLD,FORWARD.


1. Coordinate with wax and air compressor.

2. Wax-injecting pressure can be voluntary controlled.Temperature-control is very accurate, 0.2% error.

3. Perfect wax-inject effect. No air bubble, nodeckle edge, average wax-out.