HH-DT03 DiamondMoissanite tester 钻石莫桑石 检测笔


Diamond/Moissanite Tester


Two testers in one. Can identify moissanite or diamond in one second. No need to buy 2 separate testers. Reliable and easy to use.
The Prestige Series II Diamond Tester with state-of-the-art technology assuring quick- accurate readings to determine if a stone is a real diamond or a fake.
Features include:
Automatic and manual mode.
Linear display for increased information.
Adjustable gain for small stone sizes.
Compensation for ambient temperature.
Fast warm up time
ten seconds!
Portable with one nine-volt battery (included).
Auto shut-off with a push button switch.
Unique new anti-fade circuit which compensates for stone heating.
Low battery indicator for accurate readings.
Multipurpose alarms: a. Beeps when ready. b. Metal alert. c. Beeps repeatedly when testing a diamond.